RECAP: Holiday Thimble Giving

Each year, we pride ourselves on imagining up and creating new and unexpected mailers for major events and holidays. We love to find new ways to flex our creative muscles and pack up thimble-flair and fun to send to our friends, family and customers via mail. Everyone loves to receive unexpected happiness in the mailbox, right? Christmas 2015 was no exception.


This year we developed the idea of "A Thimble of Thanks"- a small colorful token we would send off as a reminder that we care and are thankful for the support and love we've received over the past year.



_C0A1992 _C0A2003 _C0A2018 _C0A2021


Though we may have underestimated the serious time commitment it would take to complete this "little" project (our team has painted over 1000+ thimbles!!!), we hope it spreads joy to all it touches physically and we hope the digital documentation here inspires more to take the time to show gratitude! It's always worth it!


Here's a closer look at some of the varying styles:





Have we mentioned we are thankful for you?? A Thimble-toast and a thimble of thanks to you, sweet reader!


Team Thimblepress

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