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Hey Friends! As you may have seen over on our social media, we just announced our collection at TARGET!

YES! Right?! HUGE news and we just can not contain our excitement! We've kept this collection SUPER-duper secret for a long time! And we are SO excited to finally be able to share it with you! We wanted to give you a little history of how this collection came to life and hear from owner and artist, Kristen Ley. Kristen will explain how it felt to be approached by Target, and how her ideas came came to life for the collection! It's a great read, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! You can shop the collection at nearly all Target store locations and!

Artist, owner and Creative Director Kristen Ley explains, "I will never forget the day in 2015 when an email from Target arrived in our general Thimblepress® inbox. For almost a full day I stared at the email wondering what in the world to say back to what we had just been emailed. It was and will always be a top day in Thimblepress® history and one I will never forget. Once I responded to the email, it set in motion one of the most exciting years in my life. As soon as I could, I was emailing and having phone calls with the wonderful team at Target that I came to love like family. I began sketching ideas, picking out colors, painting and truly loving every moment. At the end of the day, we knew the collection was going to be colorful, fun, inspirational, and hopefully make you smile." "We wanted the collection to be parallel to the current Thimblepress® line we offer here on our website, but also provide something new and unique to the Target guests. The collection and sketches went through several rounds of fine-tuning before we even talked about the actual production side of things. The most wonderful thing about this whole collection is that as an artist, idea person & creative thinker, I really felt like my ideas were welcomed with open arms. Not just my ideas, but my artistic direction. We worked closely with the team at Target and Gartner Studios to take our ideas and create something that they thought Target guests would love. At this point in the story it was like a magical symphony of people had formed and were working together to make 20 different and beautiful ideas happen. The thing about my ideas is I have a lot of them, and a lot of my ideas are things I have never seen with my two eyeballs or has never been invented, they are all in my head or in sketches. Being able to sit down and have someone see your vision (and not look at you like you are crazy) is something of true value. From step A to Z in this process my ideas were heard and seen. That is golden. When I went to Minneapolis in the summer of 2016 to work on this collection I almost moved there. Between the Target team and the Gartner team, I was feeling the love. The fact that it was very mild and temperate in comparison to my typical 100% Mississippi summer was also a big seller for me. Everyone in Minneapolis is so nice, and I think I used the term “the Mississippi of the North” like 12 times in conversation when speaking of the wonderful hospitality and generosity of everyone I was meeting with. I never felt more comfortable; I felt at home. During the process I would talk to my team at Thimblepress®, and if you didn’t know any better and walked into the conversation, one would quite possibly think I was having a baby by the way I spoke of this collection. It may sound silly, but finally being able to see this product out in the world really does feel like a baby (or puppy) has been born. So many people have loved on this collection for over a year; nurturing, manufacturing, and advising it along the way. I've learned so much and feel stronger as a person for it. As I write this a day after the Thimblepress® collection launched at Target, it still does not seem real. It seems like a dream; a dream happening in my reality. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. Seeing Thimblepress sold at Target has been on my “vision board” since I started in 2012. The people we worked with along this journey made this such a fun experience. To me, at the end of the day it boils down to always working with good people who have good intentions for you and your brand, and that is exactly what I have personally experienced. They support and celebrate my unique voice, style, and ideas and let me remain true to that. The people we worked with will always be considered members of the Thimblepress® family. I will be forever grateful! I invite you to check out the collection on and also in nearly every Target store! The collection is super colorful, floral and perfect for Mother’s Day gifting or even gifting yourself some bright and colorful products." - Kristen Ley, artist, owner and Creative Director at Thimblepress®!

. . .

The products include:
Spring Floral Bubble Umbrella

Floral Painting + Clear bubble Umbrella with ombre white to clear “J” handle. Kristen Ley says, "This is one of my favorite items in the collection. Personally, I have wanted to create this umbrella for years."

"I cannot wait to weather spring showers in this. Hold it down close to your face and protect yourself from the rain, and you are still able to see out of the umbrella since the floral paintings on the umbrella are intertwined with clear spaces perfect for peeking through." We are IN LOVE with this umbrella! The Thimblepress Spring Floral Bubble Umbrella is located at nearly any Target Store or at! Shop here!
Thimblepress® 20ct Gold Flex Notecard Box Set
Clear and gold foil dotted box of colorful stationery with abstract patterned envelope. "This set is more than just a set of stationery. The box itself is one of the most gorgeous boxes I have ever seen, and would even make a great jewelry box." We wanted the box the stationery came in to be reusable, so that you are truly using every part of this product and not just the stationery. The stationery is good for ANY occasion. It reflects a fun, personal style, but still remains simple and elegant with one color + gold. The fun, personal style is really kicked up with the abstract painted flap on the envelope. It’s those little details that really makes it sing.
Thimblepress Floral Recipe Box!
Clear + gold foil accented recipe box with hand-lettered recipe cards and colorful divider tabs. "This is quite possibly the coolest and most beautiful recipe box I have ever seen. To me, old recipes and my grandmother’s recipe cards are like art." "They are tattered and different colors. When I open my recipe box, just peering in shows so much love with all the different edges. I wanted that same feeling without having to look in. I wanted you to be reminded of the years of delicious recipes that had been passed down for generations. The florals are so colorful and springy, and the addition of the gold really gave it that modern feel. This is such a special product and I cannot wait to see how people use it!" p.s. Are you in love just like we are?! We still have LOTS of products to show you, so keep reading!!! Next we have one of our MOST FAVS:
Thimblepress® Floral Apron!
Floral painted cotton apron with orange and aqua detailing, two pockets, waist & neck tie closure for adjustable sizing. Kristen says, "I am no chef. I try my hand at it from time to time and I can follow a recipe, but the one thing I want to do when I cook is to look cute in the kitchen. I have been wanting this apron to hang in my kitchen for quite some time. It’s feminine, adjustable and an easy fabric weight so you don’t feel like you are being weighted down with an x-ray vest like when you go to the dentist. :)"
Thimblepress® Rise and Shine Floral Tumbler

Abstract painted + clear tumbler with pink straw and gold foil, hand-lettered saying that reads, “Rise & Shine, Sip Then Smile!” Kristen says, "This is the perfect saying that I feel like describes so many of us. During the workweek I truly don’t feel like I am awake until I have either had my smoothie, coffee, protein shake or tea. I joke, but once I sip I can smile (and be productive). I have always wanted to create a fun tumbler with shiny gold lettering on it, so this one takes it further with a fun transparent & colorful abstract pattern painting wrapped around it." We know, UGH SMITTEN! Do we have you hooked?!? Have you bought Mom a Mother's Day gift yet?! Keep reading, we got you covered this year!
Mom Fuel Mug!

Coral and gold foil hand-lettering and dot mug that reads “Mom fuel” with mint green accent color featured on the inside. "When I was thinking about a mug, I really thought into the day of a mom. Every mom I know hustles. I don’t care if you are a career-mom or a stay-at-home mom, both require tons of hustle, juggling, multitasking and MORE. I tell my mom friends all the time, I don’t know how they do it. They all always smile and say, “Lots of coffee/tea/wine.” So when I came up with “Mom Fuel” for the mug, I know every mom out there will know exactly what that means to her."

Thimblepress® Brave Strong Fearless Card

A pink + gold foil greeting card that doubles as a wall-hanging with gold string that reads “Brave Strong Fearless You.”

"I really tried to look at these products and ask the question, how can these products be used more than just one way? At Thimblepress we try our hardest to give multiple purposes to each product; providing more value to our customers. I thought this card was the perfect card to double as a wall-hanging / decoration. With a metallic gold string, it is ready to liven up a space, and inspire you and others."
Thimblepress® Mom Gold Glitter Card

"Abstract painted + gold glitter lettering greeting card that reads “Mom.” I love this card because it says “Mom, you sparkle” without saying “Mom, you sparkle.” It is simple, colorful and different. The bright gold glitter tells your mom just how sparkly you think she is without getting wordy. Simple and to the point. For moms that love color & glitter, this is definitely the card for her. Grab your own before Mother's Day! Shop this card + the whole collection HERE!
Thimblepress Spring Floral Gift Wrap

Floral painting on white gift wrap! This gift wrap is everything!! "I would use this gift wrap for my presents for the rest of my life if I could. It makes every present look fresh, lively and bright! Your gift will definitely be called out for cuteness next time you wrap a gift for a shower in this. It sets the tone for the gift and almost is too beautiful to use or open." Another purpose of this gift wrap is to use it to make a beautiful photo background! We are big DIY crafters over here, so we cannot wait to make a giant background with it!
Thimblepress® 2ct Floral and Stroke Pen Set

2 luxury writing pens with one featuring a colorful, abstract design and the other featuring a colorful, floral painting design. Each pen and design is paired with gold accents & hardware. Kristen says, "I feel like I always have more confidence when I pull out a beautiful pen then when I pull out the not so cute pen from my local bank. I know that may sound silly, but I feel more put together when writing in my Day Dreamer and especially when signing checks. Ha ha! This is also a great gift for someone, because who doesn’t love or use pens? Everyone uses pens."
Thimblepress® Floral & Abstract Gift Bags

Small floral painting gift bag with light green cotton handles, large abstract painted gift bag with hot pink cotton handles and a hot pink circle tag and small peach colored gift bag featuring gold foil writing that reads, “Thanks for loving us before you.” Gift bag comes with leaf-painting shaped gift tag and light green cotton handles.
Thimblepress Floral Painting Tissue Paper
Floral painting tissue paper + light blue tissue paper set gives us ALL THE FEELS!! Kristen explains, "As I said above, when you are wrapping a gift, what you are wrapping it in really sets the tone for the gift. It says, “I cared so much to get you this gift that I also wanted to wrap it in a beautiful bag.” If you aren’t a gift wrap fan, these bags and tissue are perfect for easy gift wrapping fun!"
Thimblepress® Reach Towards The Sun Journal

Hard-bound journal featuring colorful, abstract painting and gold foil hand-lettering that reads, “Reach toward the sun and bloom!” on the cover. The journal is accessorized with a hot-pink tassel and yellow-gold bookmark ribbon. Kristen says, "I keep a dream and ideas journal with me at all time. I feel like you never know when & where inspiration will strike. This journal captures what I feel like dreams look like in real life - colorful, whimsical and just fun." "I hope whoever you gift this to or if it is yourself, that you write your passions, dreams and life. This is your story to tell. Capture it. You never know when your words & sketches from the past will inspire something new and wonderful in the future!"
Thimblepress Green Watercolor Pouch

Green, abstract pattern painting created into a leaf shaped cotton bag, accessorized with a light green tassel & gold hardware.

Kristen tells us, "I love bags. I have tons of them. My favorite ones are the ones that are not a traditional shape. It’s the different ones, the ones where you know the designer thought about every detail of the shape and zipper and fabric. When it came to designing this bag, that is what I thought about. I am proud of this cutie leaf-shaped bag."
Thimblepress® Happy Day Banner

Leaf & floral painting party banner with gold string that reads “Happy Day” in gold foil letters on each leaf in the kit. Kristen says, "We all know I love a good party and great party decorations. When it came to designing this primarily floral heavy collection, I knew I wanted to create a paper flower like party garland. I began to sketch nature’s shapes, falling in love with a simple leaf shape as the main shape that the gold letters are on. It's perfect for a birthday, wedding, shower, really anything you are celebrating. How cute would it look as decoration in a room? Afterall, we’re celebrating every single day, people!"
Thimblepress® Memories Photo Album
A photo album featuring colorful floral paintings and shimmery gold ink that spells out the word “memories” on the cover. Kristen says"Just recently I started printing my favorite photos. I noticed one day about a month ago that I really didn’t have many photos around my house, then I realized I hadn’t made a scrapbook since college. I know I don’t have the time or energy to do a full blown scrapbook, but I do have the energy to print the photos and slide them into holders, so that is just what we created. It’s a beautiful memory book worthy of a coffee table display, but easy to put together."
Thimblepress Blue Glass Photo Frame

Glass, aqua + gold dots photo frame with quote insert that reads, “You’re a wildflower, beautiful and full of unpredictable growth!” Kristen told us, "Those photos I am wanting to get printed will be going in this frame. I love this frame because it is so simple, and the vibrant aqua draws one in like a moth to a flame. You can't help BUT to look at the photo that is in this frame."
Thimblepress®2ct Green & Blue Gold Polka Dot Bud Vases

Light blue and light green ceramic bud vases with shiny-gold dots pattern. These vases are perfect for really anywhere in your home or even office. We picture bringing in freshly cut flowers from a garden and placing them in these bud vases. The florals + whimsical design sitting atop any surface, would brighten any space. A perfect happy for Mother's Day!

. . .

GUYS! We couldn't be more excited to finally be able to share this collection with you!!! We are all smiles! This collection is now in almost all Target stores and! If you see it, make sure to take a photo and send it to us or use the hashtag #thimblepressattarget!

Can't wait to hear what you (or you mom on Mother's Day) thinks! Make sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Happy Shopping!

Thanks for reading!


Kristen & Team Thimblepress


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