** Thimblepress for Hallmark Signature ** Valentine's Day Edition!

Cheers to Wednesday, friends!!

2017 has started off so amazing for us here at Thimblepress®, saying we are truly blessed would be quite the understatement and it's only the beginning of February! Back about a year ago, we shared our first Designer Collaboration with Hallmark Signature, and today we are bringing you the second collaboration; The Valentine's Collection with Hallmark Signature! We wanted to bring you a full and detailed look at each design and the collection as a whole! We also took a few *behind the scenes* shots of artist, Kristen Ley, painting and sketching out her ideas! It was so amazing to see her ideas come to reality with this amazing collection! We are pretty smitten with MAJOR heart eyes!

Confetti, glitter, hearts, pink hues, and a healthy dose of gold- this collection has it all and just in time for Valentine's Day next week! If you love Valentine's Day, pssst we sure do(!!!!), we’re sure this collection will be right up your alley!!



"The process started with sketches on notebook paper of ideas of cards I would want to receive from someone. I also wanted to play upon vintage and retro ideas of valentines day and add my own, modern spin. I want the receiver to know exactly what that person is trying to convey when they open the card. I want them to feel how special it is with all the details, gems, confetti & more that are added onto each card. I want them to feel the excitement of love, no matter what that means for each giver and receiver." - artist, Kristen Ley

"In the fast-paced world we live in today, taking time to tell someone how you truly feel, especially if you love them, is super important. And all it takes is a beautiful card. These cards are wonderfully crafted with unique detail, that the card itself is a gift, and a true moment of self-expression for the giver of the card." - artist, Kristen Ley

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"The collection for Hallmark was inspired my the whimsical, confetti world of Thimblepress and my love of sentimental and romance. I feel at Valentine's Day, it is a great chance for a person to take that time out of their busy day to let that special person(s) in their life be it a husband, wife, life partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, sister, brother, or friend! Heck, I even get the pups their own Valentine's treats!" - artist, Kristen Ley

Which design is your favorite? Who would you send these to? Leave a comment and join in on the conversation or shop the full collection HERE and start sending the love! You can also find each card at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store! You can find a shop nearest you HERE!

Here’s wishing you a sparkly and gorgeous Valentine's Day, friends!


Team Thimblepress®!






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