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As you all may know, hashtags are HUGE in the social media world. We actually love hashtags because it lets one photo be in a giant grouping of similar photos, similar feels etc. So here at Thimblepress®, we try to take full advantage of the hashtag world! Today, we are giving you a insider look at all our hashtags that we use here! Whether it's a Push-Pop Confetti™ video or just a fun image, we are serious about some hashtag love! We use these hashtags across all of our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkdin, Goodle PLUS & more) to share Thimblepress® love, excitement, magic and just plain cuteness!

Read below on how to use the hashtags to join in on the fun!

#thimblepress #thimblepressThis is our mama-hashtag! This is the hashtag we use for just about all things Thimblepress®!

SHARE PICS OF: Anything and everything Thimblepress®; featuring our products and the fun you have with them!
Always share the #Thimblepress hashtag in the caption!


All of our Thimblepress® Push-Pop Confetti™ and Colossal Confetti™ glory in photos! These are our favorite photos to like and share!
SHARE PICS OF: Using, standing next to, rolling around in, and loving on your Thimblepress® Push-Pop Confetti™ & Colossal Confetti™! The more colorful the better, and we love clear and crisp images!
Always share the #ThimbleConfetti hashtag in these image captions!


We love our studio pets so much that they even have their own Instagram account, @thimblepets! We also love to see other people’s pets, especially when they are next to a Thimblepress® creation!

SHARE PICS OF: Your pets with Thimblepress® products, or your visits to the Thimblepress®studio with our pups and cat! We love seeing pets covered in our confetti or writing a card to their favorite person or animal using our card designs! Always share the #thimblepets hashtag in the caption!


We love our friends so much, and most of our friends are like family to us! We love celebrating friendship and featuring our friends with this hashtag!

SHARE PICS OF: You and your besties with Thimblepress® products or search and view this hashtag to see our best friends! Share the friend love with this hashtag!
Always share the #ThimbleFriends hashtag in the caption!


We love to share where we are traveling to next and what we do when we travel! Follow along with all of our travels with this hashtag!
SHARE PICS OF: Your travels and places you go that we would find inspiring and colorful and your travels with Thimblepress® products!
Always share the #ThimbleTravels hashtag in the caption!


We love our Thimble Team up here, and we do a lot of fun things together in and out of the office.
VIEW PICS OF: Visits to the Thimblepress® studio and photos of our awesome team!
We share all of our #ThimbleTeam adventures with this hashtag!


At the end of 2014 we developed a product collection with the lifestyle blog, Glitter Guide! We are obsessed with these products and love seeing how other people use and gift the collection!

SHARE PICS OF: Thimblepress® products we created in collaboration with Glitter Guide in your daily life, celebrations, or re-grams of our product photos showing your love for the collection!
Always share the #GlitterGuideXThimblepress hashtag in the caption!


We love seeing all of your #Thimblepress photos and always want to see even more! Just like some companies have loyalty rewards, we have GOODIE REWARDS {#TPGoodieRewards}! When you post a photo on Instagram from now until infinity, simply tag the photo and comment #Thimblepress. If you are a private account, just direct message (DM) us your Instagram photo! If we decide to feature your image, we will privately get your mailing address and send you a Thimblepress® goodie bag worth at least $20! We want to say THANK YOU to all of you who share your #Thimblepress love!

See! We LOVE SOME HASHTAGS! Now go tag all your Thimblepress photos! We want to see them all!!


Team Thimblepress

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