Thimblepress Movie Obsession!

Hey friends!

Kate here at Thimblepress! Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday!!! And you know what Friday's are here at our headquarters?! *FUN FRIDAY* where each Friday we try to do some sort of team activity, team building or just a good ole team hang! So tomorrow we are watching a movie in the studio + having some yummy tacos for lunch!

So today I wanted to give you a head start on some of our favorite movies! We have some serious movie love here. Our girls upstairs and downstairs are always chatting about the newest movie, a new flick they watched this weekend or a new one coming out in theaters!

If you haven't noticed (totes sure you have!) we are in love with all things sparkle, pink, color, texture and design! We are a team of 100% women, so we like all the girlie things! So check out our movie style board below! We think it truly defines us as strong woman who work here at Thimblepress and who also have loads of FUN!

Obsessed yeah?! We've got some Clueless, Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, How to be Single, Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Devil Wears Prada, Joy, Bridget Jones' Diary, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Sisters, Legally Blonde & Scream Queens!

Can't wait to watch all of these! What are some of your favorite movies to check out?! Make sure to leave us a comment and let us know! We'd love to add more to our list!

We hope you have a great end to the week! Now let's pop some popcorn!


Kate + Team Thimblepress


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