Thimblepress® on Good Morning America!!

GmaFeatureIf you follow us with any regularity, you probably heard the gushing excitement last week buzzing from our social media feeds as we were featured on Good Morning America's Deals and Steals Segment hosted by Tory Johnson early Thursday morning! Our whole team was up bright and early and huddled around the TV with donuts and coffee (of course!) to watch the entire show, careful to not miss a single beat or promo. Needless to say, it was a supreme blessing and completely unreal to see our products on national television and to work with some of the kindest and most inspiring ladies in the industry.

We were beyond enthused at the shout out to Mississippi from GMA host Robin Roberts just the segment before while interviewing Sarah Thomas, the NFL's first full time female ref, also from Mississippi. And, the highlight of the show, of course, was seeing Tory Johnson showcase our GlitterGuide x Thimblepress® Everyday I'm Sparklin Tote and balloons, and our Eco-Friendly and Original Push-Pop Confetti™ during her Deals & Steals segment! Sad you missed it? The deal is no longer available, but tune in around 1:40 on the video clip HERE to see the feature.

090414AtWork09CJIf you're not a daily GMA watcher or familiar with Tory Johnson, you might not understand the full significance of the occasion for us, but she is one seriously amazing lady with a passion for small businesses, especially those owned and operated by women, like Thimblepress®. She's got a tremendous track record of helping woman achieve their business goals, giving back in the community and also inspiring a legacy of health for women in America. She's an all around rock star of her industry and her interest in showcasing OUR goods was a jump-for-joy kind of affair.

We are still and forever will be grateful for this experience, and to all you other small biz ladies out there, keep up all the hard work- people really do notice! Cheers and happy weekend friends!

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