ThimbleSHOP Thursday | What's NEW!

Hi friends!

Happy Thursday! What's on your agenda? If you are local, you must come see us! We have some seriously amazing new goodies in the shop right now!! Maybe a friend has a birthday? You can grab a card + a gift + get it gift-wrapped ALL IN ONE PLACE! Too easy, right?!

Check out some of the new goodness below!


and. . .


And this isn't even all of it!! Make sure to come visit us and see all the newness! We always have smiling faces to greet you, dancing tunes and fresh hot popcorn poppin'! So come on down to downtown!

We are open M-F 9:30AM - 5:30PM!

**For the months of November + December, we will be OPEN ON SATURDAYS!!!

See yah soon!

Team Thimblepress


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