#ThimbleTEAM Members! Introducing: Celine!

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A few weeks ago, we introduced our #thimblepets and we thought it was only appropriate to introduce our Thimble TEAM members! Whether you've spoken to us on the phone, emailed with us, Skyped with us . . . it's so much easier to put a face with a name! So first, we'd like to introduce our Director of Sales:

Celine Roces Warner!

Check out our Q & A with Celine below!

How long have you been with Thimblepress® and what do you do here?

I’ve been working at Thimblepress for 2.5 years! I started on the very first assembly team, moved up to Customer Service Manager, then onto the Wholesale Accounts team and now I’m the Director of Sales! I oversee everything related to sales, that includes all direct to consumer sales in our retail stores and online, as well as our 1300+ wholesale accounts.

What is your favorite part about coming to work each day?

My work family and just our general office vibe! We are super casual and comfortable! We are all very close and work really hard. Everyone lends a hand when available and we are a small but strong team! Working in a small business means you’ve gotta jump in where needed, maybe even roll your sleeves up and stuff a few Push-Pop Confetti for a last minute order! I love how flexible and smart our team is! Also doesn’t hurt that we’ve got pretty and colorful products all around us every day!

Do you have a Thimblepress® product(s) you favor? Can you also tell us why we should buy it and have it in our lives ASAP?!

I love our State Flower Collection™! It’s one of Kristen’s original letterpress collections and it’s just so unique, I never seen anything quite like it! I have the 11x14 California Poppy art print. It comes packaged with a little letterpress envelope full of wild flower seeds and a postcard explaining the inspiration behind the collection. It’s a beautiful handmade art print, packaged, and ready to gift at a great price point! It’s hangs on my wall here and is a little piece of my home state of California! What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends? Hmm….sleep! I loooove sleeping in haha! Then brunch (duh), hanging out with my husband, and the occasional weekend trips exploring different cities in the South! So far we’ve been to Oxford, Nashville, Knoxville, New Orleans, Charleston, Atlanta, Dallas, Birmingham, and Destin. We have yet to visit the Mississippi Delta, but it’s on our list! Any others I should add?! Tell us what your favorite hobby is and why! I love cooking! We follow a loose Paleo/Primal lifestyle and last year we cut out all refined sugar, grains and processed foods. It’s been very eye-opening to see how much junk and sugar is in premade or packaged food and sauces, even organic and seemingly “healthy” choices. I’ve gotten really into cooking our favorite recipes from scratch and finding substitutes for ingredients we no longer use. Current favorite is Paleo Chicken Pot Pie…with a grain-free buttery crust and everything! It’s insane! Besides the Thimblepress account (duh), what are your other favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Oohh gosh so many to choose from! Top favs right now would have to be @graymalin, @deepbluewonders, @marianna_hewitt, and @the_sunkissed_kitchen We know you just got married! Can you tell us a little bit about how you and Chris got together and maybe your top favorite wedding photo? Chris and I met through our parents…and no, it was not an arranged marriage! My parents had a big summer BBQ one year and Chris and his parents were in attendance. We started dating and shortly after, Chris moved from San Francisco to Mississippi to begin a work contract. After a year+ of long distance and too many flights to count, he flew to San Francisco, surprised me, and proposed at my favorite spot in the whole city -- The Palace of Fine Arts! A few months after, I moved to Mississippi and we starting planning our wedding! We got married in Sonoma last August and my invitations were actually designed and letterpressed by Kristen! Pics Below!

p.s How unbelievably amazing are these wedding photos?! Our whole team is in love!!! Wedding images by Ether & Smith

How long have you lived in Mississippi and what's your favorite thing about Mississippi?

I’ve been in Mississippi for almost 3 years! The transition from a large, cosmopolitan city to a slower paced town was hard on me, but now I appreciate SO many things about living here! I love how kind and well-mannered people are here. Love how little traffic there is compared to the San Francisco Bay Area! Oh and Waffle House! That’s Paleo, right?! Haha! We know you are from Cali, what do you miss most about California? Besides my family and friends, I really miss the good weather year-round! I grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley about 25 minutes south of San Francisco proper and I didn’t realize how spoiled I was with the perfect weather! Or what “hot” weather really was for that matter! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Any goals you'd like to accomplish or bucket list checks? Well…I see myself with at least a dog or a cat. We just have a 3 year old goldfish named Martin (he’s like ginormous and ate every other fish in the tank!) so I feel like jumping straight to kids might be a big leap, so definitely a dog or a cat first! We already have a name picked out…Petri. Like petri dish. My husband is a scientist and it’s the name of the cute little flying dinosaur from A Land Before Time! So dog or cat first, then eventually we want kids but really want to travel more! I’ve been through Asia once when I was too young to fully appreciate it, so I would love to go back and explore countries like Singapore, Thailand and Japan! Chris and I recently got our open water certification for diving while on our honeymoon and now diving is all I think about! I would love to dive the Philippines, Australia, and the Maldives, to name a few!

. . .

Is she not just THE MOST ADORBS?! We love Celine so much and we couldn't do what we do at Thimblepress® without her! For any Sales questions, Thimblepress questions, California questions. . . Celine is the gal to ask!

To check out more wedding photos or get to know Celine a lil more, check her out here!



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