Trade Show Travels + a Free Download!

We are heading to snowy NYC for NY NOW market this Saturday, January 31 - February 3 and we are so excited! We are going to be in the Handmade section of NY NOW, booth #9445 so if you are planning to walk the show, please come by and visit with us! For the past few years at trade shows I have used a form I created to keep up with all of our contacts we made during trade shows. Tons of business cards are typically collected and exchanged at trade shows, and most of the time when you return home you are lost trying to remember what they requested samples of, images a press outlet wanted and so on. This free download form has helped us streamline all of our connections and make coming home to a bunch of business cards so much easier. We hope you enjoy and use this form for shows to come! xo, Kristen Click the form below to download: BusinessInfoForm_img

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