Turn The Tables Series - Question 11

Hello friends! Kristen here! I am thrilled to bring you the 11th installment of my “Turn The Tables” series. If you haven’t had a chance to read why I decided to do this series, click on over HERE. Today is a topic close to our heart- COLOR! Obviously, if you've seen our products or if you follow along with us on social media, you know we are all about it. Life's celebrations, big and small, are our passion and color always seems to go hand in hand. "Happy" colors are our favorite- bright and warm tones and of course metallics! The more the merrier! Read on to learn more about our dinner guests, their favorite colors to work with, and why. And, cheers to a bright and colorful new year! Tune in next Wednesday for our last installment of Turn The Tables, Series I!


Your favorite color to design with or use. Any particular reason you are drawn to that color? If you have examples of your work with it or inspiration, please share link(s) with us.


"I do a lot of exclusives with lines I carry and there is always a form of green in there. I also have green in my branding (bags, stickers for the bags, logo, business cards, etc…) Green is part of my brand. I have some fun items coming up for Christmas that are also in the green color ways that I’m excited about.






" -Erin

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"I seem to be really attracted to the color gray. From the beginning our first greeting card series was always a single color plus gray. And now I am determined to use gray paper. I love that it's a neutral, but still a color at the same time, and it isn't black. Black is so stark (you won't find it anywhere in our collection), just in my closet." -Meg

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"Ummmm sequins ... for obvious reasons :) (sequins aren't just one color but hey)" -Aubrie

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"I love color, but when I'm designing I always gravitate to black ink. I love crisp black ink on nice paper. I love the contrast and the simplicity. It's classic, like the pages of a good book. It's traditional to letterpress, and it will never go out of style! A few links - Journey, You & Me, Will You, Bear With Me" -Sara


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"I've been using a very particular gold ochre fabric in my shop for years. It's a beautiful tone that's really hard to describe... sort of a bright olive oil gold, but with more depth... It's my absolute favorite, and I never get tired of using it in my home. It's also one of the only warm tones that I'm consistently drawn to -- otherwise I'm obsessed with blues." -Erin

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"URG you’re asking me to pick a favorite child! (If I had any of those…) I’ve always been drawn to turquoise and teal. Paired with red or orange, that’s my fave color combo. Even though it’s such a hip color right now, the attraction to mint is really just the next obvious move when you operate within the blue-green color family." -Kristina

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"Navy. White. Gold Foil. Don’t make me pick! I love classic colors." -Emily

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"My favorite color is a seafoam green / blue. I freaking love that color. It can be calming or exciting, friendly and just plain pretty if paired with the right color combo. I love the color so much my notebook, phone case and bathroom are that color." - Lisa

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"I love color! I can’t choose a favorite! I mean, if I have to I guess peachy salmon and seafoam green will always have a special place in my heart." -Rosanna

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"Fluorescent red, pms 805! Because it pops, man, it pops! We designed our wedding invitations with that color and it became a viral hit. 5 years later we still get people calling about those invites!" -Arley-Rose

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"Greige, man. It goes with literally everything. And cobalt blue, white and gold foil/tarnished brass colors are my new obsession. You'll be seeing a lot of that soon from Lucky Luxe." -Erin

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"Navy of course is the source of all our color inspiration around here. If a color pairs nicely with navy (which most do), chances are we are using it everywhere. Personally I am drawn most to pink so a lot of packages products or things I design to go inside packages have pink on them. It's such a happy color!" -Jordan

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"I’m an 80’s baby and I love bold gold." -Jillian

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"Mustard Yellow (not French's) for years now. Sort of an odd choice I feel but I am always drawn to it. I think because it looks so rich but so vintage and fun at the same time." - Dana

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"PINK & my very existence, IG and website tell you so!" -Tiffany

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"PMS 647U. It’s the blue we use for the Business Camp branding and materials. I love blue, its been my favorite color since I was a kid and I’ve always been drawn to cool colors. Maybe its because I love the water?" -Katie

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"I personally don’t do design work but I love small type and lots of white space; simple & clean. http://www.sycamorestreetpress.com/collections/art-prints/products/stop-a-moment-cease-your-work-and-look-around-you-letterpress-art-print" -Susan

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"Although I claim to not be a pink person, you would never know it by looking at Moon and Lola, because we are so pink! I love white and how a splash of color looks with mostly white, but there is just something about pink! It makes people happy! " -Kelly

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"Bright pink! It's ALL over Oh So Beautiful Paper! I like just about any shade of pink, from the lightest portrait pink to deep raspberry and magenta. I'm convinced pink is a neutral because it goes with just about everything." -Nole

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Thanks again friends for following along on our new series and I truly hope you enjoyed it! Catch question 12, next Wednesday!

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