Turn The Tables Series - Question 7

Hello friends! Kristen here! I am thrilled to bring you the 7th installment of my “Turn The Tables” series. If you haven’t had a chance to read why I decided to do this series, click on over HERE. This post is all about Thankfulness. I am thankful every single day. I really do feel like through the crazy hard days and all, that I am truly living the dream. I get to do what I love, and I am forever thankful to God for that. My family, friends and team are also the next people I would have to thank this Thanksgiving. They not only put up with my crazy ideas and bad jokes, but they truly make me a better person. And I am beyond thankful to our awesome customers. Without them, we would not have the businesses we have today. We are thankful to those who shop small business and appreciate our craft, design and art! So much love and thankfulness to you today! Love, Kristen THROUGH MONDAY USE CODE thanks4you to take 30% off our entire online shop and in our local, Jackson, MS, shop!!!



Thankfulness. To what do you attribute your success?


"My family for sure, but also my customer base that has been so loyal. I have an amazing group of small business owner friend around the country that I have on speed dial. We send regular messages to one another, asking questions, cheering each other on. On a personal level, I have stuck to my guns and my vision for my shop. I love consistency in a shop and I know customers do too." -Erin

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"First and foremost, I am thankful for a God that has given me life and forgiveness - and blessed me with the talent that I have. I am thankful to my husband, and to so many just like him, for sacrificing their time and the comforts of home, to defend our freedom, to defend my right to own this little company doing what I love. I am so thankful for the incredible community that I have met within this industry, being more like a family and less like a ruthless competition. I am so blessed each and every day to do what I love, where I love, with who I love." -Meg

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"My team. My sister who flies out to every event even though she is a graduate student. My mentors and investors who help guide my path. And my parents - for instilling in me that I can achieve anything I want, but to not be too cocky about it :)" -Aubrie

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"My husband's support over the years has been so important. He's my cheerleader. And he feeds me. Our parents have helped in every way - advice, lending money, staffing the shop, packaging cards, babysitting. I think we'd be far less successful without flexibility and stick-to-it-iveness. We've been through hard times and lean times, we've made mistakes and changed direction. We've just kept going! And I'm such a fangirl about Tradeshow Bootcamp, there's a quote from me on the site! Paper Camp, Business Camp, and the TSBC community have been super valuable." -Sara

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"I am lucky to have inherited my Mom's work ethic and determination, plus, I have a fantastic support network of friends and family that have helped to get me this far. So grateful for that support!" -Erin

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"I legit STRAIGHT-UP could not do anything without the help and support of my husband. He has always encouraged me to do what I needed or wanted to do to move my business forward and almost always takes on quite a bit of work himself. He built both my online stores which would have cost me thousands. He helps me at every single one of my outdoor markets; humping my heavy shit out of the car, hanging out in a hot tent all day, getting me food and being my cashier, then packing it all up again. A couple years ago, his Christmas present to me was my first trip to NSS, just to check it out! Lots of people tell me I have a great idea and that it would be “so awesome!” for me to have my own store but he really puts his money where his mouth is. Of course he is also the anvil tied to my ankle when I start floating away on dreams that we can’t afford just yet but I GUESS we would be living in a cardboard box (with lots of cards and notebooks) if he didn’t." -Kristina

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"My parents taught me I could be anything I wanted to be. Someday I wanted to be an artist and they told me to go to art school. They bought me ALL the crayons. Other days I wanted to be a teacher and they encouraged me to follow my mom’s footsteps. Other times I didn’t know what I wanted to do and they told me to go out and try everything until I found something that set my heart on fire. Brady wants to be a cupcake baker when he grows up. I tell him that I’ll be first in line everyday." -Emily

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"Having a strong business partner, a strong team of employees, a great husband that will support me no matter what and a loving family that's ready to jump in and help out when I really need it. It's amazing how blessed I am to have these things in my life to keep me going and keep the business going. " - Lisa

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"There is so much I am thankful for. Number one, it's that hard working team I keep talking about. Glitter Guide would 100% not be around without them. We work tirelessly to improve and make GG the best it can be. This year has actually been a pretty difficult year in terms of growing pains and having patience to wait for things we know will make GG so much better for the readers. Having to wait for that is incredibly hard. The team help so much with reminding me of how incredible it is we get to do what we do. It's hard work but worth it. I would contribute our success to them, and being humble and kind." -Taylor

Photo by Delbarr Moradi. http://delbarrmoradi.com

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"I attribute my success to hard work, stick-to-it-iveness, perseverance, all that good stuff. I also think we’ve been successful because I have been patiently growing the company over many years. It’s hard in the beginning to see the long-term success of your company in light of all the little successes and failures that plague your day-to-day existence. For me, taking time off, not working crazy hours, taking my weekends, going on road trips, basically time away from my business has probably been the biggest factor in the fact that I haven’t burnt out. It may also mean we grow at a slower pace, but I can handle that because I’m not working myself to oblivion in the meantime. I am so unbelievably grateful that I get to run Iron Curtain Press every day." -Rosanna

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"My wife Morgan, who has been able to clear all of the lillipads out of my pond so that I can swim across. And also not drown. And then she takes those lillipads and arranges them into the most beautiful and inspiring bouquet you've ever seen and you're like, "Wait, that's made of... Lillipads??" -Arley-Rose

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"I moved to Los Angeles from Massachusetts when I was a 22 year old college dropout with not what anyone would call a “life plan.” I ended up getting a job at a small family-owned commercial print shop because the job met my stringent criteria of being near my house and having air conditioning. From working at that shop I met two women named Chelsea and Jamie who had recently started a letterpress company called Sugar Paper nearby and brought their custom jobs to me to have me cut them down on our fancy cutter, etc. It took a couple years of asking (begging) them to hire me until they finally did, bringing me in and training me as a full-time letterpress operator. I worked with them for almost 8 years before leaving in 2013. I am super thankful for them because they not only hired me and taught me how to print letterpress, but because they have always been super open and honest about their business, and strongly encouraged me and Life Is Funny Press when I started it as a part-time thing in 2009. I loves them." -Adam

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"My husband Ben was the one washing our clothes and cooking the meals that kept me alive those early days when I was working a day job in a cubicle then grinding away at creating Lucky Luxe in the hours between day job and the wee hours of the morning. I was so wrapped up in it, there was rarely time for anything else and he made that possible. My parents who contributed equal parts creativity and work ethic to my genetic makeup. I'm so much my mama AND my daddy, thankfully!" -Erin

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"Tradeshow Bootcamp! Holy cow, where would my business be without this amazing group of people? I first walked the National Stationery Show in 2012. I panicked. I left within half an hour, made my way to the nearest bar, and put a heaping cup of whiskey into my face. There was just no way I could compete with these people. Luckily, I pulled myself together and went back to Javits on the second day. I made my way to my friend Jesse’s booth (Gold Teeth Brooklyn) and as I was confessing my fears, her booth neighbor Chantal (Papillon Press) suggested that I stop by the Tradeshow Bootcamp booth. I think I hugged Katie within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. The rest is history." -Sam

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"My family. My parents are extremely hard workers. We had nice things when I was growing up because my dad and mom worked so hard to provide them. I can remember being little and sitting on the side of the highway with my dad selling flower beds. I was raised a worker bee, so sitting back and letting things "just happen" is not in my DNA. You work hard, you're nice to people, and it all comes back around. I've seen it first hand with my family and their success." -Jordan

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"I wouldn’t be where I am today without my husband and business partner, Tom. He is the most hardworking individual I know, and took a chance on my dream and turned it into a company." -Kristen

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"Perseverance and belief. Without the lows, you cannot feel the highs. Listen to your gut, nobody will believe in you more than you believe in yourself." -Jillian

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"It's bigger than me, that's for sure -- I express my gratitude every day in my prayers. And I couldn't be where I am either without my team, my family, and supportive friends and colleagues." - Eva

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"My husband. So cheesy but true. Without him I could not have quit my job and pursued my dreams when I did. He also listens to all my crazy hair brain ideas, doesn't discourage me on them, and then goes beyond that and helps me bring them to fruition. I am a lucky gal to have him as my partner, making me feel like I can conquer the world (and then building the display that I think will help me do it!). If you asked me to pick another person it would most definitely be my business partner. Having a business partner was a huge part of me being able to start a business, splitting a lot of the start up costs and then splitting monthly expenses too but even more than that getting to go to work everyday with a strong, badass, super talented, kind, funny person is amazing. Getting to be creative and nurture this thing together is something that is easily taken for granted but I am so abundantly thankful for her and everything we have gone through together that has brought us to where we are today." - Dana

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"I attribute my success to every single person, creature, moon, sun, muse, angel and crystal I have ever known or not know, touched or not touched, saw or did not see, talked to or did not speak to. I thank every day and every breath for this divine opportunity that I have to live this life that I have. I am grateful with every breath that I live this life as the FULL creative that I am." -Tiffany

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"Oh gosh, SO many people have contributed to the success of TSBC. I think the speaker list is right around 90 people now which blows me away. 90 people have taken the time to participate and share their knowledge with our group. Without these people and all of our alums who took a leap of faith to join us… TSBC wouldn’t be what it is today. Together we’ve built an incredible community that shares resources, encouragement and provides ongoing support. On a personal note, I’m grateful to my husband who doesn’t bat an eye when I start talking about new ideas and my family who not only supports me with my business but lends helping hands with my family too. I’m surrounded by an amazing village of friends and family that support TSBC and me; and I’m eternally grateful." -Katie

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"For me, success isn’t necessarily being the biggest or making the most money. Success is coming to work everyday and being proud of what I do and what I sell. Being in an industry that is fueled by such artistic and talented people excites me and allows to source and carry products that I love and that make my customers happy." -Susan

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"I feel like it is the Oscars! I would like to thank God first! No but really. I have always known that Moon and Lola is bigger than I am and without His guidance, this would not be possible! Saying that, it takes a village and so many people have had a hand in Moon and Lola's success! Especially all those who do and have worked with Moon and Lola over the years." -Kelly

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"Working at Clementine day in and day out has truly taught me the value in being kind and curious. I have grown because of others kindness and it's strengthened my belief in how important it is to simply meet people where they're at, encourage them to go where they're headed and to love them when they get there. And also, truly, I wouldn't still be at this point in my business if it weren't for an amazing group of really smart, thoughtful, incredibly funny friends and family members who keep me going and spur me on with late night texts when I need them." -Emily

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"My husband. He's my rock in so many ways and his stable income and benefits allow me to do what I do and also raise a family. But beyond that, it was actually his idea for me to start a blog in the first place! He's still my biggest cheerleader and can talk me out of a funk if I'm feeling down or having a confidence crisis. He's the best." -Nole

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Thanks again friends for following along on our new series and I truly hope you enjoyed it! Catch question 8, next Wednesday!

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