We Raided Kristen's Vintage Collection to Set Up for Thanksgiving

Hi there- Amanda here! Happy DIY Wednesday! As many of you may know, Kristen Ley (Our owner and CEO) has a huge obsession with collecting vintage items. Her love of all things pretty and old, inspired us to raid her vintage collection and create a Thanksgiving table setup. The catch- we wanted to keep the table fun and colorful. So we do what we always do when we want to add a little fun to life and we added confetti to our set up. We have to say, we are kind of obsessed with how this Vintage/ Confetti Inspired Table turned out, AND you wanna know the best part? We think this setup could go with all types of vintage place settings. So pull down your great-grandmothers china from your mom's attic and tune in, because we're sharing how to create a super FUN but classy AF dinner table.

Pick a color scheme and run with it! Some of our favorite stuff from Kristen's collection were the deep blue pieces! We added some of our light pink products and gold dinnerware to accent the dishes.

We felt like our pink marbled place cards would not only mimic our marble table, but also add some trendy flair to the table. (Shoutout to Willow, our golden doodle, for letting us borrow her name for this setup)

And because it's for Thanksgiving, we added our small squares to the table. We thought putting some uplifting verses on the table seemed to be appropriate for the occasion.

And if you wanna get really fancy, add some table numbers to the spread! These are perfect if you love having things organized for your big party of friends or family. Add those table numbers and places cards and people know right where to go! These both come in different color and patterns, so be sure to check them out to match your particular color scheme!

Sprinkle our All that Glitters Confetti on the table, add some fresh flowers to the table, and there ya have it! Vintage inspired, confetti PARTY! Have fun with it, get creative and remember, there's no wrong way to decorate when you're following your inner creative voice!

Thanks for reading and happy planning! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Xoxo- Amanda and the Thimblepress Team!

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