World Compliment Day

In celebration of the recent holiday, World Compliment Day, I thought it would be great to reaffirm how much compliments can really shape a day and promote positive attitudes with something as simple as a sweet comment. Why don’t we do this ALL the time, why not dedicate everyday to this lovely action. I say let’s make the change! The kind gesture of telling someone they did a great job on a project, praising a local chef of a restaurant for a superb dish, or complimenting a total stranger, will improve not only their mood but yours too. Its a great way to kickstart a day and guarantee to brighten someone else’s. When you begin noticing the good in others, it encourages you to see the good in yourself, and with all these good feelings floating around, positivity can spread! Compliments may just be the change we need in the world. ps… we think you’re all GREAT! -KK Check out a few of our great letterpress and printed cards to send a compliment and unexpected burst of brightness to someone’s day!

Nothing Beets Hanging Out With You Card


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