Introducing: Thimblepets!

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday!

If you follow us on social media, you know we are kinda obsessed with animals. . . but like all OUR animals here at Thimble Pets are obvi the best (jk jk!)

So today, we wanted to show you a little part of our every day office life, THIMBLE PETS!! We've had a few new babies added to the #thimblepet team, so we had to introduce them + every pet that is in our office!

We literally can't get enough of our Thimble Pets. Most of these cute, sweet lil babies comes to work with us each and every day! We'd like to introduce each pet so you can get to know them a little better! And if you are local, come down to our shop downtown or our POP-UP show in Highland Village. . . we guarantee a pup will probably be there!!

First we have the Thimblepress® QUEEN BEE:

W i l l o w!

Willow loves to take longs walks in high grass, taking naps right next to her mama and give kisses to every one she meets! She also has a love for ESOS Lipbalm (don't worry totally safe for animals!), sushi and anything sweet! Willow is 6 year old Goldendoodle and her mama is Kristen Ley.

Next up we have the Thimble Prince:


Henry loves toys, snuggles and playing outside! He follows around his big sister and does whatever she does. Henry is a 1.75 year old Merle Goldendoodle and his mama is Kristen Ley .

Next up is Millie!

Mille loves treats, showing off her tricks and spinning in circles to melt our hearts! Mille and her momma Kelsee no longer work at Thimblepress because they just moved to Memphis! We miss them each and every day! But we had to make sure we didn't leave her out! She came to work every day with Kelsey and was the best moral support to all of us! Mille is a 6 year old Pomeranian and her mama is Kelsee McKim.

Next we have our sweet, shy and gentle:


Frankie loves making new friends, playing with cat toys, giving sweet kisses and following her mama around! She's much more like a little baby dear than a puppy! We love her SO! Frankie is a 2.5 year old rescue and her mama is Mary Kathryn Sharpe!

Next we have one of our newest #thimblepets:

Pippa Waffles!

Pippa loves playing with her bff Oliver, new toys, following in her big sister's footsteps (literally!) and watching mom while she works! Pippa is our newest member of the Thimble Family and she is just the cutest! Pippa is a 9 month old Sheltie and her momma is Amanda Kaminer!

Next we have Oliver!

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Oliver loves to get his belly rubbed, running around in circles and playing with his friends Frankie and Pippa! He's little but FULL of energy and joy. He seriously can make anyones day in a matter of like SECONDS! He's just so dang cute. . . those little legs! Oliver is a one year old Havanese and his mommy is Sarah Carpenter!

And last but certainly not the least, we have the king.

King Norman

Norman loves food, belly scratches, playing with rubber bands, quiet time and sleep. If Norman isn't sleeping, he is movin' and groovin' around our shop! He loves sleeping the most and playing with his favorite toy: a rubber band. King Norman is a 10.5 year old rescue Main Coon and his momma is Kristen Ley!

. . .

We've got quite the crew, don't you think?! These pups + cat melt our hearts each and every day. Here at Thimblepress, we think it's very important to surround yourself with animals, confetti and friends every single day. It helps us stay positive, be happy, learn responsibilities + makes us smile when sometimes we just don't wanna! Check out more behind the scenes of our Thimblepets over on their Instagram @thimblepets or check out the hashtag #thimblepets

Our Thimblepets are also a HUGE source of inspiration! We've got products to prove it! Check them out below and click on any image to shop! We have a feeling you will want each and every #thimblepet card!

Do you have a pet? Leave a comment and tell us what they love to do! Or better yet, bring them in our local downtown shop and receive 15% off any Thimblepress® product! Just tell us at checkout that you saw and read our Thimblepets blog post! That's it! We can't wait to meet your furry child + hang out with YOU!!

See you soon!


Team Thimblepress®

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