Willow's B-DAY!

Today is the day, that Willow was born. . . 6 YEARS AGO! You might have noticed that Willow is the Queen Bee of Thimblepress®. She is head honcho, food vacuum, fluffy greeter at the front door and will steal your chapstick right out of your purse! But we love her so! She's 6 years young and still looks FLY AS EVER!





To our Willow Birthday girl, we love you! 6 Years around the sun and we can't wait for oh so many more!


In honor of Willow and our love for her, we are offering a 30% discount on all Willow inspired cards NOW through Thursday!!


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Cheers to you sweet Willow baby! May this new year be filled with lots of dog friends, treats and booty scratches!


Team Thimblepress®

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