Major Ways Dogs Can Improve your Life!

Hey Friends! Today we are bringing you a guest blog post by Sarah Jones, who writes for Crazy Pet Guy! Sarah started the blog in hopes of spreading information about pets and how they make our lives better and how you can take good care of your own!

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Major Ways Dogs Improve Your Mental Health

Aside from maintaining your physical health, it is also best to consider maintaining a positive mental outlook. When your mental health is negatively affected, it can affect your overall health and the relationships you have.

According to, Mental Health is about our psychological, social and emotional well-being. This means that it affects our actions and the way we handle the situations we face on a daily basis. More specifically, it affects the way we react when faced with adversity or problems that are difficult to solve.

One thing you should know is that there is an amazing method to help you improve and maintain your emotional and mental health. Studies show that owning a dog can improve your mental health. Read on to learn more about it.

Owning a Dog

When getting a dog, it may require considerable responsibilities. However, it also has a significant number of advantages too. Dogs can help you become more responsible, give you a friend to bond with, and most of all, help you maintain a healthy mental disposition. In fact, there are dogs used as for therapy for people who need it most.

Therapy dogs are used to help the elderly avoid depression, while others are sent in children’s wards to keep the children happy. Some therapy dogs are assigned to patients to help them in their daily lives. One patient with Parkinson’s disease attests that his Pitbull helps keep his tremors and anxiety at bay.

Dogs Are Excellent Companions

Loneliness is one of the factors that affect mental health. Lonely people experience depression and may need a constant companion to feel needed and loved. They require a significant number of attention too.

On the other hand, a pet dog is a perfect companion. It doesn’t get tired of seeing you and be with you every single day. In fact, they love seeing you. For them, it seems like a minute is forever waiting for you to come home. It is why they are great to be with.

Dogs Can Take Away Your Stress

Just seeing them running around, rolling over and jumping, can bring a smile on our face. It even takes away the pressure we have felt from working or being stressed out all day. It is why dogs are better at taking away our stress. They can improve your mood and help ease your tension and anxiety away.

Even when you are petting your dog, it sends off a calming signal that soothes not only you, but also your pet. You feel more comfortable with what you are doing, and when we are comfortable, we are happy. And, happy thoughts send off any negative vibes produced by stress.

Dogs Help Improve Your Lifestyle

When your lifestyle changes for the better, your view on life will also change positively. You will start to think more positively and look forward to better situations. The presence of your dog helps you improve your outlook by helping you engage in more activities.

Changing your lifestyle includes improving your daily routine. It means adding more meaningful activities in your life. When you walk your dog every morning, it is a start of something new.

You will get to appreciate what early mornings have to offer, like enjoying the freshness of the morning air and the beauty of the sunrise. These are all positive things you want to look forward to every day.

A responsibility that comes with a dog is also a positive change in lifestyle as it gives you the sense of being needed. A dog requires a significant amount of attention from you and, in return, you also provide care and love.

Dogs Give You Hope

When you lose hope, you lose your sense of self. You may not know what to do and you don’t know what to feel every time you are confronted with life’s adversities. But when you have a pet dog, it reminds you of living your life to the fullest.

Your dog will serve as a reminder that even if you don’t know what will happen and what to expect, you can still look at the brighter side.

All these and more help improve your mental health. Whatever you may have felt right now, rest assured that your pet dog has you covered. Just don’t forget to remind your dog that they are loved too.

(Image by Beth Morgan Photography)

Okay, so who is ready to go get your own dog now?! We couldn't agree more with Sarah on literally everything above! Do you have a dog?! What do you feel like they help you with on a daily basis?! Staying positive? Helps you get in shape or at least get a lil activity?! Helps you up when you are sad?! Leave a comment and let's chat about!

Hope you have a cheerful week with lots of puppy kisses!


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